Case study

Tylenol relieves everyday driving headaches with special offers on Waze

Few things cause a headache quite like a traffic jam. To help drivers cope with the headache of sitting in traffic, Tylenol launched a campaign on Waze in order to help reach consumers in these stressful moments and direct them to local retailers. Tylenol focused the messaging throughout the campaign not only to what consumers were doing in the moment, but also how they were feeling.

Finding pain points

The brand was looking to drive sales of Tylenol at Walgreens by addressing driver pain points - especially during traffic jams.

Connecting at the right moment

Tylenol wanted to reach drivers in the moment. With the help of Waze’s data-driven insights and unique targeting capabilities, Tylenol used contextual ads to target drivers combating traffic in a relatable way. In addition to this messaging, the pain reliever also served drivers special product offers to encourage visits to Walgreens stores.

Waze not only helped boost brand awareness and engagement, but also helped customers find their way to our stations [at Walgreens].
Melanie Meunier, Digital Supervisor, Media Storm

Drivers find relief

Tylenol’s ads on Waze received more than 12M impressions, and generated 3.7K navigations to points of sale. Moreover, Wazers who saw the ads remembered Tylenol’s messaging, as offer recall increased for the brand by 225% as a result of advertising on Waze. It’s clear that Tylenol’s partnership with Waze was helping the brand reach drivers in the moment — and provide a path toward relief.

Get started

The Goal

Increase sales of Tylenol at Walgreens.

The Approach

Use Waze’s data and targeting to reach drivers during traffic jams and encourage visits to Walgreens.

The Results

Received 12M+ impressions, generating 3.7K navigations to points of sale and a 225% increase in ad recall.


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