Waze will no longer serve Ads starting September 1, 2023.

We will wind down the current Waze Ads product and advertisers will have the opportunity to keep existing campaigns running through August 31, 2023.

We are already working to transition Waze Ads to Google Ads technology and look forward to helping advance your business objectives through our new Waze Ads product soon.

During this transition, we have an alternative solution you may already be familiar with: Performance Max for Store Goals (PMax). This Google campaign uses AI to maximize your in-store visits and sales by bringing geo formats across Search, Display, GMail, Google Maps, and YouTube into a single product. For questions on PMax, you can contact your existing Google channel of support or reach out to Google Support home page. You can also check out our Waze Support Hub if you have any Waze Ads questions.

Case study

Beverage giant, Vita Coco, bridged the gap between digital and out-of-home

When it comes to cold, thirst-quenching refreshment during the hot summer months, you can’t do much better than coconut water. That’s why coconut water giant Vita Coco spends 90% of its media budget in the summertime. One of the cornerstones of Vita Coco’s media mix is out-of-home, which promotes its messaging through billboards and murals. For its latest summer campaign promoting their new product, Vita Coco Pressed, the beverage brand wanted to bridge the gap between its out-of-home advertising and its digital media, synergizing these two key elements of the brand’s media mix and making both work harder.

The Vita Coco marketing team turned to Waze as the solution for this ambitious goal. The team wanted to use Waze Takeover ads as an unexpected “call to action” that would pop up after a Wazer drove past a Vita Coco billboard, letting them know that Vita Coco points of sale are nearby. This strategy would not only strengthen the reach of its out-of-home marketing but also help the team better measure the impact that its out-of-home content is having in terms of driving sales.

Broadening an out-of-home campaign

For its annual summertime campaign, Vita Coco had invested heavily in engaging out-of-home advertising. Its team wanted to use Waze to extend the reach of this out-of-home marketing, while also better measuring the impact of out-of-home on sales.

Reaching the whole funnel 

Vita Coco wanted to use Waze to educate Wazers about Vita Coco Pressed and nudge them towards a purchase. This post-billboard “call to action” took the form of a “Drive There” Takeover ad, which popped up when a user arrived at a red light after passing a billboard. Just like how Vita Coco’s billboards say their coconut water is “Impossible to hate,” the Drive There CTA in Waze explains how avoiding traffic with Waze is similarly “Impossible to hate.” This kept the billboard messaging and Waze Ads messaging consistent and synergistic.

Then to make it easier for Wazers to make a purchase, Vita Coco used Pins to place small coconut icons on the Waze map, indicating Vita Coco points of sale. Overall, the campaign on Waze balanced upper funnel awareness for the new Vita Coco Pressed with a lower funnel push towards a purchase.

The team at Waze understands our business and our needs in a way that a lot of partners don't. Getting this campaign up and running was a very collaborative experience — almost consultative in a way. So it's nice that that sort of expertise also has the ability to deliver on the media, as well. Brittany Harshbarger, Senior Media Manager, Vita Coco

Sharing the taste of Vita Coco

The results of Vita Coco’s partnership with Waze were impossible to hate. According to IRI, Vita Coco saw an 8% uplift in sales in the Convenience Store channel as a result of this campaign, which was above benchmarks. This not only helped increase sales but also provided crucial value to Vita Coco’s retail partners in major markets.

Vita Coco was also able to measure the impact of out-of-home marketing more effectively, which has been an ongoing challenge. With insights from Waze, Vita Coco’s team was better able to understand the impact of its whole media mix on sales — giving team members the actionable data they need to continue spreading the word about their uniquely refreshing product.

Get started

The Goal

Fine-tune Waze campaign to drive more effective navigations while lowering costs.

The Approach

Partnered with Waze to Use Loyalty Targeting to increase Pins Performance and boost brand preference.

The Results

173% increase in Pins Performance and a 106% increase in Takeovers performance.


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