Case study

Vittel added the Fruits Bio Infuses brand to France’s summer driving routine

French bottled water brand Nestlé Vittel has kept the people of France hydrated for decades. To support the launch of its new product, Fruits Bio Infusés, the brand turned to Waze to reach millions of French shoppers in the moment — and increase brand awareness while driving purchases.

Establishing a new brand

Vittel wanted to establish the Fruits Bio Infusés brand in consumers’ daily routine, as well as increase offline sales and maximize brand awareness among shoppers.

An infusion of messaging

Vittel’s partnership with Waze was key to the promotion of Fruits Bio Infusés. The brand used a combination of ad formats on Waze to help reach drivers throughout different moments of the customer journey. Vittel first leveraged Pins on Waze to create awareness of Fruits Bio Infusés among drivers near supermarkets. Then Takeover ads complemented these Pins to showcase the product and drive consideration during a high-consumption time for French shoppers. Finally, Search was used to increase navigations to supermarkets and promote sales.

Customers take notice

By using a powerful combination of ad formats on Waze, Vittel was able to increase the sales volume of Fruits Bio Infusés by 13% in cities where Waze ads ran vs. in cities where they did not run. In addition, the campaign saw a 18.7% lift in navigations to points of sale, and an increase in ad recall of 407%. It’s clear the brand’s partnership with Waze was making it easier to spread the word about this exciting product launch.

Get started

The Goal

Maximize brand awareness and increase offline sales for Vittel’s new Fruits Bio Infusés brand.

The Approach

Partner with Waze to promote the product launch, using a combination of Pins, Takeover ads and Search.

The Results

Increased sales by 13% in cities where Waze ads ran vs. cities that didn’t run such ads, as well as an 18.7% increase in navigations and 407% increase in ad recall


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