Case Study

An automotive company amplifies brand sentiment by synchronising radio spots with Waze ads.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV) and agency PHD teamed up with Waze, GTN, and Newslink to spread the word about VWCV’s Transporter 6.1 across the United Kingdom. They designed a campaign geared toward increasing brand sentiment, and letting drivers know that the Transporter 6.1 “Works with you” with its helpful features like Park Assist. Ultimately, VWCV wanted more commercial drivers to consider Transporter 6.1 for their van purchases. Because a significant portion of their audience listened to the radio and navigated with Waze on their drives, VWCV launched a dual audio and visual campaign, combining radio spots with Waze’s trusted Takeover ads.

Results like these are also supported by VWCV's findings from other third-party research. Most significantly, in a routine study the company ran post-campaign, VWCV discovered that brand sentiment had soared to a two-year record high.

A cross-sector media strategy

Though VWCV specifically launched this dual exposure campaign to boost brand sentiment and consideration, the strategy easily lends itself to any brand looking to increase awareness, footfall to brick and mortar locations, or other growth metrics. Across industries, from QSRs to retailers to healthcare, brands can combine audio with visual in their media strategy to seamlessly reach more drivers on the go — an audience that’s often tricky to connect with, as they’re not searching on their mobile devices nor in front of the television. With a Waze and radio dual approach, brands can not only reach consumers behind the wheel, but truly connect and resonate with the right audiences.

Get started

The Goal

Raise consideration for Volkswagen’s vehicles for commercial drivers looking to purchase a van.

The Approach

Launch Takeover ads on Waze aligned with radio spots, and measure impact of dual exposure.

The Results

VWCV saw higher awareness, greater alignment with positive brand sentiment, and the strongest brand consideration in 2 years.


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