Case study

“Put It On Waze” campaign helped Volkswagen reach Brazilian drivers

Volkswagen is one of the most recognizable automobile brands in the world. Eager to engage drivers in Brazil, Volkswagen and Waze created the “Put it on Waze” campaign. This innovative campaign marked the first time in Waze’s history that a brand advertised in Waze’s search field.

Catching up with Brazil’s drivers

Brazil has a vibrant community of Waze users, with over 11 million drivers actively using the app to get where they need to go. Volkswagen wanted to connect with these drivers and encourage them to search not just for addresses, but for a special offer.

Working with Waze, connecting with drivers

Volkswagen turned to Waze to increase “2share” offer awareness and generate “drive to store” navigations to dealerships. Waze first helped promote navigations through a reservation campaign. 

The power of the search bar

To connect with these drivers, Volkswagen launched its innovative “Put it on Waze” campaign, which marked the first time that a brand advertised in the Waze search field. This campaign enabled users to enter a code into the search bar, then surprised these users with an ad that led to the five closest Volkswagen dealerships.

An immediate impact

In the first 15 days of the campaign, “Put it on Waze” reached 4.5M users, with 82% brand recall among Wazers reached. Users were twice as likely to browse during “Put it on Waze” than they were during the average Waze Ads campaign. Thanks to the power of the Waze search bar, Volkswagen found a whole new way to reach Brazil’s drivers.

Get started

The Goal

Reach Brazil’s 11 million Waze users in an engaging way.

The Approach

Launch the “Put it on Waze” campaign, which for the first time ever enabled Waze users to enter a special offer into the Waze search bar.

The Results

Reached 4.5M users with an 82% brand recall — and found that the users reached were twice as likely to browse Waze.


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