Case study

Walmart’s omnichannel experience linked digital impressions to store visits

Walmart knew that 48% of Waze navigations lead to commercial destinations such as stores, restaurants, and supermarkets. The retailer wanted to reach out to customers through the app, and also have a clear idea of how the digital messaging impacted its bottom line. Could Walmart track on-screen impressions all the way to in-store visits?

With the right tools in place, they could. Through a collaboration with Mindshare and long-term partner Waze, Walmart hatched a campaign that could follow the customer journey all the way through, linking the digital trail to its physical counterpart.

Building for the omnichannel customer

One of Walmart’s more recent key pillars is a reliable omnichannel experience, with an aim to lead the region and country in understanding the full customer journey. The teams work to ensure a consistent consumer experience across every brand touch point, no matter whether it’s digital or physical. No longer are customers separated into “online” and “offline” tracks. Now, they’re all grouped under one category: The omnichannel customer.

Tracking the data end-to-end

Walmart, Waze, and Mindshare began to build a media ecosystem centered around the customer. They integrated Adsquare, one of the world’s top audience and location intelligence companies, to help them connect store visits to campaigns. Through this ecosystem, Walmart could access data from Waze navigations, then link the digital impressions all the way to in-person visits.

In just one month, we increased navigations 17% compared to last year. In this way, we strengthen our leadership and, through our promise of value — low prices every day — we win the market.
Eduardo Peñalosa, Digital Marketing Lead, Walmart

Capturing customers at key moments

Through the campaign, Walmart could see that their brand messaging had connected with 12 million on-the-go consumers during decisive micro-moments. The direct impact on store visits was significant. In just one month, the campaign had managed to increase navigation to stores 17% from last year, with 48,000 reported store visits. What’s more, this set of store visits shows a high potential of converting into sales.

Get started

The Goal

Measure the impact of brand messaging by translating digital impressions into store visits and purchases.

The Approach

Use Pin and Takeover formats to drive to store locations.

The Results

Reached 12 million people with 48,000 converting to store visits, increasing store navigations by 17% YoY.


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