Case Study

Wingstop reinforced its Always On strategy and increased traffic to its restaurants

Wingstop is the leading American chicken wing restaurant chain in Mexico, where it has 98 locations. In a situation of great challenges and social distancing, in which restaurants offered new food sales alternatives, Wingstop was forced to innovate more than ever in order to remain at the top of its customers’ minds.

Waze was selected as the ideal platform for Wingstop to strengthen its Always On strategy of 24/7 communication across the country. Through pins and location personality badges, Waze was able to remind drivers that there is always a Wingstop nearby and entice them with at-the-moment promotions. In a short time this increased traffic to Wingstop restaurants and utilized a way to communicate to customers the promotions that matter most to them.

Create brand presence through seasonal promotions

In challenging times, Wingstop opted to continue increasing its brand positioning and traffic to its restaurants through dynamic and personalized multichannel communication. When near a Wingstop, the driver received a CTA (Call-To-Action) with seasonal promotions, such as Valentine's Day or the Super Bowl, which made a stop at the restaurants more attractive. Messages about the safety and health measures adopted by the brand were also displayed to inspire trust. In this way Wingstop knew how to stay close to its customers in an era of social distancing.

A 356% increase in visits to Wingstop

For every user who browsed and received organic search results, Wingstop received 3.5 times as many visits using Waze ads (26K visits). The fast food brand also recorded a high number of clicks on the pin, showing that when the time comes to think about eating, drivers think of Wingstop.

With the excellent results we obtained, Waze is the ideal platform to connect with our customers and achieve our traffic objectives.

Claudia Gascón, Marketing Manager, Wingstop

Waze proved to be the ideal partner

Thanks to easy-to-understand reports and data monitoring, Wingstop was able to make real-time decisions that positively impacted the campaign. The metrics also provided valuable information for future strategies. "I see it as that strategic ally I always wanted to have," says Claudia Gascón, Marketing Manager.

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The Objective

Continue with the Always On strategy to increase traffic to restaurants and expand brand recognition to new cities and in existing ones.

The Approach

Use pins and location personality badges to always be present with promotions and messages that reassure the customer.

The Results

26K visits to Wingstop, 3.5 times more compared to organic searches.


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