Case study

Yates Cider Mill raised local brand awareness during peak cider season

Since 1863, Yates Cider Mill has brought families and friends together to enjoy a delicious Michigan tradition: freshly-pressed cider and donuts. The team at Yates Cider Mill wanted to raise awareness during its peak fall season, so they partnered with Waze to target nearby drivers. With the help of Pins and Takeover ads, Yates Cider Mill was able to share their love of cider with even more customers.

It’s the prime time for cider

Yates Cider Mill wanted to reach people driving nearby its historic Cider Mill in Rochester, Michigan in order to raise brand awareness and drive traffic during its peak fall season.

Tempting nearby drivers with a sweet treat

To reach nearby drivers, Yates Cider Mill turned to Waze and its easy-to-use advertising solution to reach drivers within a close distance to the Mill. Yates Cider Mill used Pins to help get noticed by drivers on the Waze map, and Takeovers with a special offer of a free custard cone for nearby drivers who visited the business. The ad used a “Drive There” call-to-action, so with a click of a button, drivers would be on their way to redeem their treat.

[With Waze], I love to see that it’s working...we love that exposure, letting people know that we’re here and we’re open.

Adam Gehman, Operations Manager, Yates Cider Mill

The sweet smell of success (and donuts)

With approximately 4,500 Wazers within the Pin's vicinity at any given time during open hours, Yates Cider Mill was able to reach drivers at a key moment of influence. Thanks to the power of Waze Ads, more people got to experience the humble joys of a Michigan landmark.

Get started

The Goal

Raise brand awareness during the peak fall season.

The Approach

Partnered with Waze to launch Pins and Takeover ads in an effort to reach nearby drivers and generate store visits.

The Results

Reached the 4,500 Wazers within the Yates Cider Mill Pin at a key moment of influence.


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