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APRR educa a los vacacionistas sobre crear conciencia del bienestar animal en las carreteras

For most of us, summer is a time for vacations and relaxing. But for the SPA, France’s animal welfare society, summer is also known as the high season for animal abandonment.

Helping more travelers fly affordably

This year, French motorway concession operator APRR worked together with the SPA and Waze to spread the word on this issue and educate drivers on how they, too, could help. Together, they developed a campaign to raise awareness among French vacationers of the 60,000 animals abandoned each year in France.

An innovative partnership takes off

Waze displayed Takeover ads along the Paris-Rhin-Rhône routes, specifically in the areas where the SPA had identified that animals had been previously abandoned. The app also showcased ads to drivers highlighting specific animals and the exact locations where they had been left along the road.

Summer 2020 was the first time APRR got high visibility on Waze to tackle an infamous summer scourge of animal abandonment. If we’ve made families want to stop at our rest areas, that's great for us.
Nicolas Contant, Digital Communication Manager, APRR

Awareness and education for the long drive

Through the Takeover ad format, Waze displayed animal names and photos on ads during the drive at toll booths, traffic jams, and around motorway rest areas, emphasizing the unfortunate reality of the situation. The team also integrated testimony from the social networks of the APRR patrol, who are on the front lines of animal rescue.

APRR included Pins in their campaign as well and used them to spotlight rest areas on the map. These rest areas offered options for entertainment — for humans as well as for their pets — while the Pins also provided engaging tidbits on animal education. Overall, the campaign reached 1 million drivers, with 11.5K of them engaging with the ads and 3.3K clicking on the Takeover, ready to learn more about France’s abandoned animals and what they can do to help.

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The Goal

APRR and the TBWA agency partnered with Waze to raise awareness among French vacationers on animal abandonment in France.

The Approach

Developed a campaign with Takeover ads and Pins to showcase abandoned animals and offer animal education to drivers.

The Results

Reached 1 million drivers, and received 11.5K ad engagements and 3.3K clicks on the Takeover CTA.


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