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Basilic & Co partnered with Waze for customized, local outreach

To promote its 40 pizzerias throughout France, Basilic & Co partnered with Waze to launch a campaign using the Pins and Takeover formats. Their strategy was to message drivers near the vicinity of their restaurants, letting them know that there was a great place to eat just around the corner.

Weathering the lockdown with Waze

Just a few weeks after the campaign launched, France announced its second lockdown. Though restaurants had to close up for dining, take-out meals were still available. Waze was one of the only two media channels that Basilic & Co maintained throughout the lockdown, as it was one of the key ways they could let their customers know that they were still open, and ready to prepare their pizzas to-go.

Quickly adapting communications

During the lockdown, Basilic & Co adapted their messaging on Waze to spread the word about their take-out service.

Waze helped us message the fact that our restaurants have stayed open, and that they’re available for take-out. We reached out to our loyal customers, and also attracted new ones who were near our locations. The campaign has been a success, helping grow our market share despite the unprecedented, difficult times.
Laurent Bassi, Basilic & Co Founder

Driving sales through local connections

Basilic & Co’s campaign with Waze ran for two and a half months. Within that time, they reached 2.2M drivers with 5M impressions, which triggered more than 3,000 restaurant visits. Despite the difficulties of the lockdown, Basilic & Co quickly adapted their communications to connect with potential customers, and helped hungry drivers locate great meals that were on the way.

Primeiros passos

The Goal

Encourage more customers to come in and order at the restaurant by displaying ads to nearby drivers.

The Approach

Launch Pins and Takeover formats to let drivers know about a Basilic & Co pizzeria near them.

The Results

Within 2.5 months, the restaurant showcased its ads to 2.2M drivers in the area.


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