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This interactive model is based upon the Forrester Consulting study, The Total Economic Impact of Waze Ads, commissioned by Waze. The results are not an offer, guarantee, or a price quote from Waze.

Discover why top marketers value on-the-go consumers

Leading marketers turn to digital out-of-home advertising to reach high-value consumers at critical moments of influence.

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• Nearly 75% of marketers rate in-person visitors as more loyal and valuable customers.

9.1% increase in the volume of sales and 8.3% increase in the size of sales.*

3X rate of investment in digital out-of-home by top brands in order to reach on-the-go consumers.

*Weighted average change to key metrics among digital out-of-home ad users.

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"The #1 reason global brands adopt digital out-of-home is to reach consumers at critical moments of influence."

Source: Intercept Consumers On The Go With Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising, a commissioned Forrester Consulting study conducted on behalf of Waze, April 2020

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