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  • Navigations, saves, website visits
  • Unique reach & frequency
  • Benchmark comparisons by category
  • Impressions distribution by distance
  • Average distance driven from ads
  • Driver loyalty / return visits


Build Awareness

Increase target customers’ familiarity with your offer and brand.

Drive to Store

Boost drivers’ awareness of your business locations and increase store visits.

Promote Action

Present drivers with the opportunity to save and take action later - download an app, visit your website, or watch a video.

Give it a Voice

Immerse your brand within the native Waze experience by recording celebrity voice prompts for drivers.

Hi, I'm Cassie!

I’m an Ad Ops Specialist. I take your campaign from a plan to being live on the map. I’ll also tell you how it’s performing each week.

Cassie Ad Ops Specialist

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