76 increased navigations to fuel stations using a limited-time offer.

6.50% Navigation Rate


Increase navigations to fuel locations and awareness of the Tank 5 offer.


Incentivized drivers with a special offer at pinned locations.


Branded Pins
Promoted Search



Campaign Overview

76, a Phillips 66 fuel chain in the United States, brought their national Tank 5 campaign to drivers by pinning stations on the Waze map. Advertised fuel locations offered customers a one if five chance to win money at the pump.

We use Waze to show drivers in real time exactly where our stations are located and make it easy for them to navigate to the pump. We love the ‘Drive There’ stats!

Melanie Meunier Digital Supervisor at Media Storm

Campaign Execution

76 used their logo to mark fuel locations on the map throughout California, with the goal of generating location and brand awareness among nearby drivers. Tapping the branded units triggered drop-down, billboard-style messages promoting the TANK5 offer as a way of conditioning an audience of fuel consumers to choose 76® over competing brands.

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