Actimel (Danone)

Actimel delivers inspirational messages to drivers during likely moments of frustration in the car.

1.1M Unique Reach
3.24 Impressions / User
10,000 Engagements
+140% Ad Recall


Reach drivers in daily moments of frustration with a positive, resilient message to reinforce a new positioning for CPG yogurt brand, Actimel.


Actimel identified three typical moments of pain while driving and delivered a contextual, positive #StayStrong message based on the user’s experience.


Zero-Speed Takeovers




04/14/2016 - 06/10/2016

Campaign Overview

The #StayStrong campaign, orchestrated by Mediacom, was a three-month campaign combining traditional media, digital and mobile to reposition the Actimel brand. Actimel came with the challenge, “How can we enter into people's lives at the right moment?”

In France, Actimel launched a native branding campaign using Waze to reach people in personal moments of frustration to deliver highly contextualized and inspiring messages.

Campaign Execution

To convey the #StayStrong message, Actimel created four tongue-in-cheek ad creatives to target drivers in three specific situations: during their morning commute, while stuck in traffic, and on long journeys (more than 200 kilometers).

More than one million Wazers were exposed to these micro-targeted messages: “Got off on the wrong foot? At least you’re following the right route! #StayStrong,” or, “Instead of getting mad and honking your horn, pump up the jams! #StayStrong.”

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