With an integrated approach on Waze, Adidas drives 7K in-store visits and a 295% ad recall.

295%+ Ad Recall
6.2K+ Navigations
1.6M Wazers reached


Increase in-store visits all over Brazil


An exclusive 20% discount promo ads for Wazers generates not only a tremendous ad recall result but also an impactful result in Adidas stores visits.


Branded Pins
Zero-Speed Takeovers
Promoted Search
Push Notifications




March - June 2015

Campaign Overview

Ads on Waze have the power to literally drive consumers to offline stores. In order to accomplish this objective, Adidas started by mapping 59 shops in 20 cities across the country. Adidas then shared a 20% offer discount, giving drivers the option to navigate to the nearest store or save the coupon for later. Special promotions for Wazers made the community feel valued and helped with consumer engagement.

In Adidas we create the new. As a vanguard brand we are always looking for opportunities to connect with the consumer in an authentic and brand new way.

This case with Waze is a perfect example on how we can engage the consumer in an organic way with tangible results.

Caio Amato Director, Brand Communication & Omni Channel

Campaign Execution

Adidas mapped 59 stores with Branded Pins, making the shops visible to Wazers driving nearby and helping Wazers who wanted to drive there. Adidas also used Takeovers to distribute the promotion coupons, presenting the ads to Wazers when they stopped their rides. Within the ad, the driver could see the promo, obtain the coupon, and save it for later or drive to the nearest Adidas store for an immediate benefit.

The campaign effectiveness was tested with an Ad Recall study, comparing impacted audience versus non-impacted users, resulting in a 295% increase in ad recall.

With this initiative, Adidas drove 6.2K consumers to stores while building brand awareness, proving Waze’s value in different moments of the customer journey.

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