Chedraui relieves drivers from traffic with enticing seasonal offers on Waze.

18% CTR
18K Engagements
20K Navigations


Chedraui aims to drive brand awareness and more traffic to their store locations.


Take advantage of an idle moment by presenting seasonal offers to drivers sitting in traffic.


Branded Pins
Zero-Speed Takeovers
Start Screen Arrow




June 7th - December 31 2015

Campaign Overview

Chedraui, a popular supermarket chain across Mexico, wanted to deliver their offers strategically to drivers who are tired of being stuck in traffic. The unique ability to measure investment through store navigations made Waze an appealing addition to their local marketing strategy. Chedraui surfaced their locations to drivers with Branded Pins and Start Screen Arrows. Zero-Speed Takeovers, Waze’s highest impact format, helped highlight offers and seasonal promotions.

Campaign Execution

Chedraui successfully lured drivers away from the road and into their stores by adjusting the CTA based on the location and using clear messaging—20K navigations to 200 stores.

Moving forward, Chedraui plans to pin new store locations on the Waze map to help raise awareness of local stores openings. Chedraui seeks to optimize their always-on strategy by continuing to rotate ad creative that reflects seasonal offerings.

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