McDonald’s uses creative testing to drive success year-round.

6.14% Pin navigation rate creative A
6.99% Pin navigation rate creative B


Increase navigations to restaurants and awareness of the All Day Breakfast menu.


Always-on with ongoing offer-related, creative testing.


Branded Pins
Zero-Speed Takeover
Promoted Search





Campaign Overview

Northern California McDonald’s branches are approaching in-map advertising with an always-on strategy, meaning in this case, they’ll pin restaurant locations through the end of the year to increase location awareness and periodically refresh the creative to bring attention to timely offers. AB testing is tied to each round of new creative, comparing everything from color to copy before ultimately completing the campaign with the best performing ad.

As traditional and digital media become more and more synonymous, Waze brings to McDonald's the ability to marry intelligent data and targeting to what would otherwise be broad reaching OOH. The learnings we've captured for our client have provided deeper insight into creative, daytime, geo, and consumer-behavioral performance.

Liz Wood Media Supervisor,McDonald's Northern California, H&L Partners

Campaign Execution

To increase awareness of the new All Day Breakfast menu, McDonald’s created two ad units that were completely identical with the exception of one element, copy. Creative A read, “We’ve changed how you do breakfast,” while Creative B said, “When you want breakfast.” Using navigations and offer downloads as success metrics, Waze was able to attribute the better performance of Creative B to more concise copy. Continuing to test will teach McDonald’s how customers on-the-move prefer to receive and engage with their brand.

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