Peugeot Metin

Peugeot Metin turned to Waze to complement their traditional out-of-home advertising strategy.

4.2M Impressions
700K Unique Views
5% Pin nav rate


To generate Peugeot Metin dealership location awareness and lure drivers in-store with timely offers.


Executed 4 distinct campaigns using an “Always-on” strategy; pinning 30 dealerships with three unique offers.


Branded Pins
Zero-Speed Takeover
Promoted Search




June - October 2015

Campaign Overview

France-based Peugeot Metin saw a unique opportunity to reach a 100% driving audience with Waze. They sought to build brand awareness and ultimately influence these potential new car buyers to visit dealerships. Peugeot featured offers at strategic times throughout the year and continued to measure and optimize over the course of the multi-message campaign flight- something that wasn’t possible with their existing location marketing strategy.

We already use traditional media like radio for on-the-go communication, but we wanted to be able to measure our marketing actions better. For this, we turned to Waze.

Othniel Sanvee Head of Marketing and Digital Communication

Campaign Execution

Each of the four campaigns had distinct creatives and calls-to-action. One called for users to drive to the dealerships, another incentivized Wazers to save the location and a third asked Wazers to search for the name of a dealership and save it. Waze was able to optimize ad impressions to reach drivers near dealerships multiple times during the campaign. As a result, over 200,000 unique users were reached within 5 km of Peugeot Metin locations. Pins helped convert as many as 5% of impressions into in-store navigations. Following the success of their June campaign, Peugeot Metin increased the number of dealerships marked on the map from 11 to 30 and transitioned to an “Always-On” strategy- where branded pins permanently mark locations on the map.

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