Red Roof Inn

Red Roof boosts last minute bookings

168M Impressions
139,310 Engagements
14K Navigations


Increase the number of bookings by re-routing Wazers to a nearby Red Roof location


National campaign targeting travelers on the road


Branded Pins
Nearby Arrow
Promoted Search




Q3 - Q4 2015

Campaign Overview

Red Roof, a leading national economy hotel chain, has been at the forefront of leveraging unique tactics to reach their core customer, the drive up customer. Red Roof saw an opportunity through Waze to increase their number of bookings by reaching weary travelers seeking last minute accommodations while on the road.

Red Roof’s partnership with Waze has been a win-win for travelers and Red Roof who have both benefitted from this innovative relationship.

Marina MacDonald Red Roof CMO

Campaign Execution

Red Roof launched their campaign in August 2015 with the simple message that they were here for those needing a “brake” from the road. Branded map pins taught travelers about Red Roof locations. Upon tapping the pin, users saw the campaign message and could re-route to the hotel directly from the ad.

The campaign had outstanding engagement rates when compared with platform benchmarks and only improved over time with a rigorous optimization and creative testing plan.

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