The Men’s Wearhouse

Men’s Wearhouse increased offer awareness and in-store traffic related to their seasonal promotion.

5.3M Impressions
8.1K navigations
3.65K+ Saved offers


Increase awareness of National Suit Drive.


Incentivized donating by offering an in-store discount


Branded Pins
Zero-Speed Takeovers
Promoted Search
Push Notifications





Campaign Overview

Men’s Wearhouse, a menswear chain, explored the impact of targeting drivers with a special offer related to their National Suit Drive, a charitable promotion offering suit donors 50% of their next purchase. In one month, thousands of users saved the offer and navigated to the advertised stores.

Waze proved to be the perfect marketing channel to raise awareness around our charity event, and more importantly, drove consumers to our physical locations.

Jennifer Seigal Digital Marketing Manager, The Men's Wearhouse

Campaign Execution

By incentivizing consumers to donate clothing with a 50% in-store discount, Men’s Wearhouse successfully drove 8.1K people to store locations during the month-long campaign. 3.65K drivers saved the offer to their inbox which allowed the brand to not only deliver additional information to those engaged users, but target them with a reminder before the offer expired.

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