Lending a helping wheel

Carpool for free with other Wazers in regions affected by Hurricane Harvey

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Why use Waze Carpool?

Join the Waze community

Together, we can help everyone stay safe & get back on the road

Get real-time updates

Waze lets you know the latest road closures in areas affected by Harvey

Help someone in need

Easily invite friends, neighbors, and coworkers to join your carpool

Ride matches may not be immediate, but with your help we can spread the word and get everyone where they need to go

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Get Waze and give a ride

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What locations are available?

Waze Carpool is currently open in all areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. The more you share, the more drivers and riders are opting in, so if you don’t get a match today, try us again soon.

Are Waze Carpool drivers Waze employees?

Nope. Waze Carpool drivers are everyday people who use Waze to find the best way to get to their destination.

How much does it cost to carpool?

All rides are currently free while the community is recovering from the effects of Hurricane Harvey.

Does my auto insurance cover carpooling?

In most instances, using a car in a typical carpool arrangement will not affect protection under the personal auto policy. Check with your insurance provider directly if you are unsure.

How else can I help?

Help other Wazers: Actively report incidents like crashes, hazards, road closures, and more when using the Waze app.

Become a Waze Map Editor: Help the community stay informed by updating road closures and more.