What’s the right price for your commute?

Carpooling means sharing the road and the cost of commuting. That’s why carpoolers should have a say in the price of their commutes. Dynamic pricing invites both riders and drivers to decrease or increase the price based on what works for them.

Here’s how to set your price

1. Select a day & time to carpool

2. Choose a carpooler

3. Tap the > (iPhone) or “Edit” (Android) next to the price details

4. Decrease or increase* the recommended price based on your preference

Keep in mind that setting your price too low or high may result in not finding a carpool.

Your feedback matters

Visit the Carpool community group and let us know what you think.

Submit your questions to Support here.

Got questions?

Why did Carpool prices change?

Based on the growth of our community, we’re pursuing a more sustainable pricing structure informed by our carpoolers. By enabling Carpoolers to choose their prices using the “Set Price” feature, we can ensure the right balance between what a rider pays and a driver gets.

Why is Carpool relying on drivers and riders to identify the right price?

Local insight and community participation have always been core to the Waze DNA. Dynamic pricing offers a transparent way for riders and drivers to determine the price for their commutes. It balances what a rider pays and what a driver receives, so both sides are comfortable and successful in finding a carpool.

How did you arrive at the suggested prices?

Suggested prices are recommendations based on local cost considerations (e.g. gas, public transportation costs). Regardless, this is subject to the cap set by the service which reflects the cost of the ride.

Can I have a back & forth pricing exchange with my carpool partner?

We will continue to support our carpoolers by celebrating special moments throughout the year and offering incentives from time to time.

Is there a cap on how much I can increase the price?

Yes, but it varies from carpool to carpool based on the distance and the number of riders in the car. Regardless, prices reflect up to the cost of the drive as aligned with relevant local laws. Keep in mind that drivers that raise the price too much or riders that are sending a low offer may end up with not having a confirmed ride.

Can I set the price to zero?

As a driver, you can offer a ride for free. However, as a rider, setting your price too low may result in not finding a carpool.