Waze Carpool

Driving solo? Ride together & upgrade your commute.

Why Carpool?

It’s a fast, fun, affordable way to commute. While carpooling isn’t new, Waze Carpool is a fresh way to share the road and the cost of commuting. A cost-effective alternative to rideshare services, Carpool lets you choose to drive or ride with people already going your way. Use the Waze app to drive, and the Waze Carpool app to catch a ride.

Happy carpooling!Drive to drop-off

Match with people going the same way

Share the cost of gas and tolls

Say hello to the express lane

Take cars off the road by carpooling

How to use Waze Carpool

Plan when you'd like to carpool

See who's driving and ask to join

Get notified when your carpool's confirmed




"Taking a Waze Carpool not only changes my commute from an hour to 15 minutes, it also saves me money."

"I hate traffic... Any solution anyone has, I'm game, let's do it, let's fill up some cars."

"Things would be monotonous if it wasn't for carpooling."

Liz C., Carpool rider

Eric R., Carpool driver

Siddhant S., Carpool driver

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Currently available in Brazil, Israel, Mexico, and the U.S.

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*Tap the car button on the bottom right.

Currently available in Brazil, Israel, Mexico, and the U.S.