Leveraging VMSs to communicate MTEs
Brisa Tollway Authority, Portugal

Brisa Tollway Authority has a network of 200+ virtual messaging signs (VMSs) along its highways in Portugal. Leveraging Waze travel time data, Brisa updates these VMSs every minute from 6am to 10pm at A5, the major access to Lisbon city center and during major traffic events (MTEs) such as dignitary visits and large sporting events.

During the May 2017 papal visit, Brisa worked around the clock for three days with Portuguese Waze Map Editors to update real-time closers to the map and provide the most accurate ETA data on its VMSs.


  • Despite 3x the vehicle volume on Portugal’s A1 during the Papal visit, highway traffic was free-flowing with no congestion or major incidents.
  • Given the success of its recent campaign, Brisa is now exploring various alternative messaging options on its VMSs that would provide both ETA and incident information to drivers.
  • Brisa will also expand ETA info through the VMSs available at all the main accesses to Lisbon and Oporto (the two main Portuguese cities).

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