Providing real-time support after a major bridge collapse
Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

On the evening of March 30th, 2017 a major bridge collapsed in Atlanta, Georgia. Within minutes, the Map Editor Community submitted a major traffic event to Waze and uploaded all road closures associated with the collapse. Prior to rush hour the following morning, Waze sent push notifications to 720K Wazers, making Waze one of the first services to provide messaging about the emergency.

In a combined effort, neighboring Connected Citizens partners (Georgia DOT) and Waze Broadcast (WSB Radio) and Global Event partners (Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Braves) urged residents to download Waze to receive the most up to date traffic information surrounding the collapse. In addition, the City of Atlanta created a brand new portal called CommuteATL using Waze data to help people plan travel until the bridge reconstruction. During the days following the collapse, the Community continued to post information about the collapse on social media (Facebook and Twitter).

In the month following the collapse, local Waze engagement increased 4x and active users are continuing to grow since the bridge re-opened.

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