Reducing traffic in Ghent city center
Ghent, Belgium

The city of Ghent implemented a new circulation plan for traffic in “the most audacious plan ever executed in this country”, according to our partner, Pieter Morlion. The goal: to cut off all main arteries going through the city center to reduce car traffic by 40%:

  • 14 permanent road closures
  • Driving directions changed in about 88 streets
  • 1,800 traffic signs changed
  • 5 pedestrian areas added
  • 35 license plate numbers recognition cameras installed

It is now physically impossible to drive from one part of the centre to another, forcing drivers to take the ring road. The change was implemented with the help of the local Waze editors community, making Waze the only service with a 100% accurate map from day one.

Impact: The change makes the city safer, reducing traffic and improving air quality.

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