Using data to guide policy
Jakarta, Indonesia

According to the data from MTI (Indonesian Transport Experts Community) traffic costs Jakarta $15B+.

Learning from the successes of fellow partner Rio de Janeiro, Jakarta pitched internally for resources to develop a Smart City Unit and pilot a traffic management allocation program. They also used Waze data-driven insights to change municipal policy in 2016.

Odd/even License Plate Policy

  • Made odd/even license plate restrictions permanent after Waze data showed a one-month pilot reduced congestion.
  • As a result of this program, Jakarta recorded a 20% increase in average traffic speeds, a 15% reduction in traffic volume, and a 19% reduction in travel time on road segments that were affected by the odd/even license plate policy.
  • Metrics used to calculate these figures:
    • projected length of traffic jams along a segment
    • frequency of traffic jams on a segment
    • speed data on segment
    • user reporting traffic jams along a segment

Traffic Warden allocation project

  • Piloted a Traffic Ward Allocation project using Waze data both to identify high priority intersections for traffic management personnel and to measure resulting changes in congestion costs.

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