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Dr. Bernstein Diet & Health Clinics

Kern Rd, 21, Toronto, Canada
Review summary
Fay Rice
2 years ago
I am very disappointed with the treatment of the staff in Edmonton location. The manager is NOT EVEN a health care professional. Treats the staff who are professionals and provide client care at the highest level. The BBB rates this location an F. This is an ongoing problem. Telling staff they should quit if they don’t like her attitude. It’s sad that clients will lose quality of care because the manager expects staff to work alone during appointment. This scenario could also put clients at risk.. she is RUDE and condescending to staff and clients. I would think the head office would be smart enough to hire HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS that have have solid management experience and are fully aware of human rights and labour standards. Since speaking with a number of clients and witnessing the disrespectful treatment of the staff. I am making this location my personal target on social media’s highway of information to let the public know of the inadequate behaviour of this manager in Edmonton. No wonder they get an F and no positive reviews either.