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Hospital Shah Alam

Persiaran Kayangan, Shah Alam, Malaysia
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Muhammad Syafiq
6 months ago
My wife wants to give birth..about 9am arrived at the hospital, kept checking and went up to the 4th floor ready to wear a pink shirt..at 1pm/day I returned to Damansara with my first child, at 4am I came back to the hospital. until 9pm, I don't have to go back..11pm to sleep, my wife called and came..doc told me to fill out the form..from the morning my wife went to the hospital, the night just filled out the form ??? SPM/PMR level workers aren't slow either ni..5hari isteri kat wad bersalin, katanya pukur 5 petang boleh balik..tapi dari pukur 5petang sampai pukur 8 malam bil tak dapat..ISTERI AKU BERSALIN ANAK PERTAMA DI HOSPITAL KLANG PUN TAK MACAM NI..BANGUNAN GAH, TAPI SERVIS TERUK ..