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i-City Theme Park

Jalan Multimedia, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Review summary
Kyra Sera
a month ago
Everything was good,the prices for all rides was ok and not too expensive until this happen. We know all place have SOP, and we do respect that. To enter we queue very long one, and they put yellow round sticker on our shirt. After an hour later, me and my sister decided to play more and go to kiosk to top-up. My sister want to top-up only RM10 because she still have more in her balance, but the staff(girl) said, at kiosk minimum RM20/RM30. We have to go to counter to top-up RM10. So my sister went and when she was about the enter the staff(boy) said to her she cannot enter. she had to queue back. So my sister said to him, I only went out to top-up. I'm from inside, why should queue back? Maybe for you he is a good staff, but for us. customer, we didn't like it. Why the he** you put sticker on us in the first place if we need to queue back?? and if you still said that he do the right thing, then you should place the counter face inside the theme not outside.