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Amazon BHM1

975 Powder Plant Rd, Bessemer, United States
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peyton nash
2 months ago
I pay $150 for prime. I know 2 day shipping is a privilege not a right. But I’ve never had a problem with any other seller/Amazon branch in the country except this one. When I see a package is being sent out from this facility I know it’s going to be late. I was informed today from customer service that this was due to my distance from the facility. I kindly informed the woman helping me that was funny, since I get packages from the other side of the country to my front door in 2-3 days every time, without fail. Yet Bessemer is an hour and a half drive from me and it take me 1-2 weeks to get my “prime” insured packages. Absolutely laughable at this point. Assuming this is in part to blame for the failed union attempt. Problem a bunch a whiny employees there not wanting to work :,((( so sad. What a joke