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SAL Grosso Gastronomia - Rio de Janeiro

4666 Av. das Américas, RJ, BR
Review summary
Brendan Brito
3 years ago
Terrible hosting! For a restaurant that is highly sought after and talked about. They are everything but professional. When I first was seated I ordered a water that took almost 2 hours to be brought to me. (This was after I asked about 3-4 times) The waiter only came to our table once to order our food and Drinks and did not stop by again to assure we had everything we needed. They had to be called upon for us to get any attention! Front of the house mangers.- Instead of the mangers doing their job and making sure his/hers waiters where attending to each table correctly, they would wonder around the room using their cellphones not paying attention and being oblivious to all the issue that are going on. Very upset with such a supposed “high-end” restaurant. Will NOT be coming back anytime soon.