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Calgary Convention Centre

120 9 Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Jac Rozon
2 months ago
Nice interactive place, my kids are getting a bit old for it at ages 12 and 9 especially because exhibits don't change much year to year. The outside area is fantastic for them, though! And we all loved seeing The Body Exhibit - that was an amazing experience, and so well done. They did an amazing job hosting that. When we went to visit it the first time there was an unfortunate electrical black out that shut the centre down and we were immediately given vouchers to return which was appreciated. Bathrooms are nice and clean, spacious, accessible, well stocked. Psrking is good. Bring your own snacks and skip the cafeteria entirely, trust. If they had better food options I would dig this place a lot more but the food is pricey and just plain bad in most cases. It is a wonderful place but for the price of admission... it isn't quite worth the time we have spent there per visit except for the time we went specifically for a special exhibit. I'd go back but only for a travelling exhibit.