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Downey High School

11040 Brookshire Ave, Downey, California, United States
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priscylla mera
3 years ago
The most memorable part of my years there were the faculty and teachers. The teachers were amazing. When you're there you can feel how they want to be helpful and see you succeed. The teachers and faculty are very encouraging and entertaining as well. They know how to balance staying on task yet finding a way to make things interesting for the student. Not only that but they give very good life stories and advice. Nothing comes for free at school, that's something I can say very clearly. You do have to work for that grade but even if you struggle, you know that if you honestly try hard enough, you should be able to make it through. I would rate 4.5 stars but they don't have that option. Overall the good over powers the bad. The only bad is that this school is very big so it can be hard getting noticed sometimes. Overall the student body were alright.. there are some very good and respectable students and then again there are some that are a bit conceited. If you want to make the right friends I suggest sticking to the ones in the Honors and Ap classes. Stay away from the girls full of drama and the guys who may seem full of themselves. If you stay committed and listen to that advice you should be fine. Class of 2017♡