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FamilyMart Teluk Intan

Jalan Intan 2, Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia
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Ai Lin静琳
2 months ago
This happens a month ago, I still want to share it here because thinking about this we still angry. We ordered sausage triple cheese, taiwan sausage and chocolate sofuto, the staff ask us to wait outside after paying. The staff did ask us if we want the sofuto now or together with the sausages. We decide to take the sofuto together with the sausages. After awhile, we were given the sofuto ALONE but not the sausages. After about 5 mins, our sausages still not arrive and by that time our sofuto already started to melt and dropping everywhere. One of us decided to went in the car to eat the sofuto before it melts completely. My friend is still waiting outside the store for the sausages. After 30 minutes, our sofuto has been fully eaten, still no news of sausages. My friend decided to went back in the store to ask. In the end, the staff has forgotten our sausages. And we need to wait from the beginning again for the sausages to be done. After received the sausages, we straight away went home, after arrived home, when we opened up the paper bag, we only noticed that they provide us different sausages which is the normal black pepper sausages and taiwan sausages. We were very angry back then. We pay more for the triple cheese sausages and what we get is black pepper sausages and we have to gone through all these hassle just for a sausage that we have paid.