Driving directions

George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)

2800 N Terminal Rd, Houston, Texas, United States
Review summary
A.D. Moulton
4 months ago
Definitely wouldn’t consider this the best airport in the country (world, whatever the sign said approaching the airport). We moved through fairly quickly and we were able to stop at a nice restaurant and have a drink while waiting on our flight. A lot of people walking around without masks on (I personally don’t care but I just feel like if the rule applies for one, it applies for all). Rental cars are off site in a different building, a free shuttle will take you and your bags. Lots of flight gate changes and some of the clerks at the American Airlines ticketing were a little rude but maybe just language barrier. DO NOT RENT A CAR HERE. I rented my car at least a week in advance and when I arrived to the rental car center, I had to wait 3 hours for my car only for them to not have my car type available and another hour wait from the time I got to the lot to the time the car keys were in my hands. They were telling people if they scheduled a rental pick up 24-48 hrs before, they had no cars available for them. After getting off a long flight and standing in line for an hour, these people are told this.. also, telling people after waiting for hours they aren’t taking debit cards. I never use a debit card for a rental car but for someone who’s only means is debit, they we’re screwed. I don’t blame the airport for this, I blame thrifty because they have too many customers to employees. They can’t keep up but just be advised there is a chance you book a car in advance, PAY, and be told they can’t help you.