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Green Haven

Jalan Mersawa 8, Masai, Johor, Malaysia
Review summary
Maciej Zakrzewski
8 months ago
The apartment itself is beautiful and of a very high standard. The 30h floor’s exercise facilities are a great addition. The guards are very polite and helpful. BUT... I decided to stay at Green Haven over Senibong Cove due to its amazing facilities. Unfortunately, none of the facilities (apart of sauna) are actually fully open! Swimming pool, Game room, Theatre, you name it- all shut! Even both of the gyms are opened only between 7-11am and 5-9pm. I decided to move in to Green Haven over a month ago as I was told the pool will be opened at the beginning of September. Now, the management told me the pool will only open at the end of October! When approached about the swimming pool, the management gave me nothing but bull*** excuses. They started with blaming it on SOP. As much as I do appreciate the SOP, all the facilities at Senibong Cove are opened normally. Then, they tried to blame it on the weather. Apparently, the weather makes it difficult to clean the pool. It’s been 2 months already and they are expecting 2 more months! “Because of the weather” - weather never really changes in Malaysia! What a joke... After I questioned this reasoning, they changed their excuse yet again. This time I was told they were waiting for new tiles to arrive from Singapore.. Again- it’s been 2 months already and and they are not expecting the pool to be opened for another 2 months. Simply astonishing. So disappointed. I wish I have chosen Senibong Cove instead of Green Haven :/