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Hospital Kulim

Lebuh Hi-Tech, Kulim, Kedah, Malaysia
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Afaf Hulma Adzmi
2 months ago
Sorry, but you don't deserve even a star for this kind of act! This zero star is specifically dedicated to the situation below: 15/3/2022; nearly 11pm. Ward 3 (Covid Ward). My 1 year old plus niece has just been admitted to the ward, and her mother who's been with her just fell asleep due to sleepless night she had previously, so we called the ward to kindly ask to check up on this helpless child since the mother fell asleep as her temperature is quite high, around 38 to 39++ degree celcius at the moment. The reply we received was just "macam mana tau suhu dia tinggi?" in a very ridiculous tone and said she'll round the ward but oh well, she didn't do that even after an hour! We even told her that the IV is not dripping yet no action taken till now. Even the mother has awaken and asked the nurse to come to look at the IV drip, but none is coming! We understand that you're tired, but please, have some decency to knock some senses into your head! For others, please please please find other hospital to attend to if you could to prevent you from being stressed out due to worry! and to the DIRECTOR of HOSPITAL KULIM, couldn't you please take some time to read all the reviews and do something??