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Hospital Pakar KPJ Pasir Gudang

204871 Persiaran Dahlia 2, Pasir Gudang, Malaysia
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2 weeks ago
Had hospitalized for three days with KPJ for minor surgery. On the second day just right after waking up from my anesthesia, I went down to admission suite department to settle my swab test payment because the transaction has been failed few days before the admission. However, one of the nurse claims I have no pending payment to be made, she said if I have any unsettle transaction I could make full payment on the day when I discharge. But the next minute she forced me to pay $8,000, at the moment I was astonished and mad. What she did make me felt like I have no money to pay and run away, which extremely unprofessional. But overall the customer service experience was pleasant, during the hospitalization the nurses was kind, friendly and approachable. The whole experience was great, and the environment was very clean and comfortable. Great job, keep on keeping on.