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Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim

Jalan Lencongan Timur, Sungai Petani, Malaysia
Review summary
Muhammad Fahim
2 months ago
The hospital looks beautiful at the outside but once you enter to the ward it was like hell. During my observation, the treatment and service from the nurses was very bad and unsatisfactory at all. I do not suggest you all go to this hospital it is better to go to a private hospital or another government hospital. The service from nurse was very bad and they did not show the empathy and characteristics of a nurse. How come you become a nurse but you didn't have the characteristics of a nurse at all??? I think maybe they become a nurse by using cable or they cheat during examination. I want to say this hospital need to teach their nurse more. I'm not mention to all nurse but because of that some nurse that have bad attitude and not qualified to become a nurse, it will give impact to all nurse at there. I'm sorry for my review but it is the reality at there.