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4656 Cemetery Rd, Hilliard, Ohio, United States
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Micah Mcglone
2 months ago
Even though I give a three star review I would say it's more of a 3.5 or close to 4 stars. The only issue I have is everytime I've gone it seems like the store is in chaos mode, such as things being out of stock or items not even on the shelves but still on the floor waiting to be put up. I would assume this is because of how busy the store is, or the there is a disconnect during day/night shift when stocking happens. It does seem like the store is kept tidy in the sense that fronting/moving product forward happens but at the cost of stock not being put up. (Day time fronting or Night shift being forced to do this instead of focusing on that instead of stocking?) If anything the store itself is fine and any suggestions I could give would be getting shelves filled before fronting up the store would help make it look more full and have the day shift if any are on the floor front either at opening or before night shift comes in so they can focus on filling up the store shelves with stock instead of trying to tidy everything up.