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107 E Boronda Rd, Salinas, California, United States
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Ethan Jones
in the last week
It's important to preface this review by saying that the store was not even remotely busy -- it was 2pm on a Monday (7-26-2021) and I'd go as far to say that the store was dead. Maybe a maximum of 30 customers in this massive store (I'd know -- I walked the place several times unfortunately). So, I went in for 2 toilets. Website said there were 15 in stock. Cool. Turns out in a stroke of genius management decided to put Kohler's "best selling toilet" on the very top of the 15ft shelves. All 15 of them. None on the floor. Whatever. Asked for assistance getting them down and waited 40 minutes for the associate to return -- he never did. Asked for help from a customer service center, 10 minutes later someone came down my aisle and once again I asked for help getting the toilets down. She left and returned 15 minutes later and informed me that the lift we needed was in use and the person operating it would be by shortly. 20 minutes later she told me she is off her shift but the guy with the lift will be here to help shortly. 20 MINUTES LATER (seeing a theme here?) he had still not showed up so I went to the customer service desk and they informed me it would be up to AN HOUR until he was finished helping someone else... Luckily he came within 25 minutes (what has this store done to me?! That sounds like a short amount of time now...) and was cheerful. He helped me look for another product that said it was in stock online and on their internal database but was nowhere to be found. All in all a terrible experience. What could've taken 15 minutes took this store TWO AND A HALF HOURS to do. I don't want to know what the staff at this store are like when it is busy and I am pleased to say I will never find out -- because I am never coming here again.