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IJM Land Berhad - Seremban 2

Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
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Irenelhh Lai
2 months ago
I was sleeping and a sudden pop sound shocked me up from my sleep. At first I thought something dropped but later on, more and more cracked and popped sounds could be heard, which happen to come from the ground floor. I was shocked to see most of the tiles were broken and distorted (as shown in the picture). According to some research, this might be due to several reasons: 1. cement was not mixed properly so the bonding is not 100 per cent 2. poor workmanship, the tiles could have been placed too closely together, leading to insufficient space to accommodate the movement of buildings and the expansion and contraction of the floor components 3. quality of the tile itself #seremban2 #S2heights #floor tiles popping out