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McDonald's Minchinbury

Colyton Rd, Minchinbury, American Samoa
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Wilfred Sotor
4 weeks ago
Nov2.2021 3-330pm ordered via app, everything paid for before i got to the window and as I passed through first window slightly past the first window, the lady (crew trainer or wearing cafe outfit, blonde) shouted at me extremely rudely what my order was and I told her the order number and what was in it, she made me repeat it 5 times cause she couldn't hear me over her own voice, sure i may have made a mistake but to rudely scold me in a tone like "YOU STOP AT THIS WINDOW EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU COME HERE REGARDLESS WHETHER OR NOT YOU ORDER ONLINE, UNDERSTOOD?", this was extremely rude to me, like I know sure if I made a mistake sorry? but speaking to me that way is absolutely disgusting to all the other workers who generally work here, you always provide amazing customer service and I've never had an issue here before and it's actually the first time in 2 years I've probably experienced this but yeah maybe she's just had a bad day