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Noches De Colombia.

382 Main St, Hackensack, New Jersey, United States
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Saisha Brynczka
8 months ago
Edited 10/3/20-- While we were not pleased the last time we went here, we decided to order from here since my parents wanted it. It was a busy Saturday night so there was a bit of a delay, but that wasn't an issue. As soon we got home, we saw that they gave us the wrong plate and not what my dad had ordered. After calling and calling I finally was able to reach them and asked for the correct order to be delivered. There was a 2 hr delay so my dad decided to pick it up. When he arrived they asked for the food back (why they wanted the food when we had already taken it home and COVID is floating around, I'll never know.) They did give him the correct order but at this point we are done with this location. Customer service is lacking and there are plenty of other places who actually care about the customer. - - - We came around lunch time and the food was mostly good. It wasn't exactly what was listed on the menu as we were expecting. The reason for the 3 stars is that the service could have been better. While I speak Spanish fluently, it was difficult for my husband to communicate with the waitress unless I was there to translate. I know it is a Colombian restaurant, still we felt the service staff should have at least a basic understanding so that they can communicate with the patrons.