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Scotiabank Arena

40 Bay St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Review summary
Jonathan Lau
a month ago
Edited review (20220305): No more QR codes. Masks are still mandatory. Edited review (20211018): With the QR codes for vaccine passports released over this past weekend, when you queue up the first line is to confirm vaccination status. They scan your QR code provided by the government and they check your ID. Pretty fast process, however, many people aren't ready for it (first game in two years most likely), so there is a delay to get to the gates. Overall, a good experience and I'm glad safety is at the forefront. I took my dad to the Leafs-Rangers game and it was a comfort knowing that everyone was checked for vaccination status before entering. Updated my rating to reflect that. Original review: For some reason, the gate we were supposed to enter was closed. But there was no sign or employee directing us on where to go as an alternative. Fortunately, we picked the right direction. The concession stand is overpriced. They were also forcing people to throw out their drinks upon entry. Savage. Fortunately, I read the policy ahead of time. Save your money and bring an empty bottle then fill the bottle with their water fountains inside.