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Square One Shopping Centre

100 City Centre Dr, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Review summary
Carol Fung
a month ago
Updated review: The vision for this Square One Shopping Centre has been heading in a great direction. During the pandemic, they've also introduced displays indicating the amount of people allowed inside bathrooms. The food court has been regulated for proof of vaccination as well to ensure their customers feel safe. Store directories can be accessed via QR code/your own phone as well for convenience. They do have parking indicators to advise on the amount of parking spots available which is great! Otherwise, really good store diversity and ranges between the low to high end as well. Lots to see and get lost in the mall if you need to. There's a decent amount of coverage to make this mall a one-stop shop! Review from 5 years ago: It has several nice stores in there. If you're fast enough and time things right, you may be able to get out into the bus terminal for your 2 hour transfer. There's also nice surrounding stores outside of the mall like Whole Foods Market and Crate and Barrel. Also, the mall has been renovated now with several new sections and still more to come. I like where the development is going. Just beware of parking space and lots of commuters walking around!