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6931 FM-1960 E, Atascocita, Texas, United States
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Myron Robbins
a month ago
Turn the grocery literally like targets your groceries like anything I needed every time I turn around is right there like what's next on my list right there but you go in there and if you ask somebody where something is they have to go check about 15 different places before they find it so I found out that they have really good employees but they rearrange the store every two weeks it seems like so I mean asking employees or something is is just like asking somebody's been in there for the first time or something is unless that employee just happened to be there the day they rearranged everything I worked there when I was younger and I mean I hated when people asked me where something was because they kept rearranging and it would take me an hour to find it even though I knew we had it but even the bosses didn't know really this is a really great target but the management seems to ruin it every time I love Target but anytime I manager has to get involved I just seemingly think that that person is trying to get all of your money somehow one of their managers took a copy of my credit card one time and tries to use it but having a detective in the family it wasn't too hard to put that guy in jail