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Persiaran Madani, Kajang, Malaysia
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Kian Wee Shawn
2 months ago
Beware of this lecturer Aishah Mohd isa. If you are a girl she would not treat you nicely. She will be extremely rude. She emails and chats with some boys. I have her chats. Asking for free lunch. Even telling long stories to them about her boyfriends and then expect a long reply. I have the copy of emails, she actually writes, aku type sepuluh, kau reply satu je. I mean you want to have a boyfriend have la but chatting with your student about it calling them for free lunch? I do not think so. Very unprofessional. She is very rude and treat her female students like very badly. Such a bully!!! Most important, she showed the paper she marked about a student to another male student and both were laughing about it. I mean uniten is a very reputable university. Kindly please do not hire lecture like this. A shame!