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Willowbrook Mall

2000 Willowbrook Mall, Houston, Texas, United States
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Stephanie R
2 months ago
Horrible place to get Jamba Juice at. I stood by the register for a while waiting for someone to take my order one of the employees was busy showing some guy her nails and the other employee was in the back on his phone or texting With no rush at all. Whenever the employee finished up with his cellphone he took my order I had my card out ready to pay the guy just stands there and tells me in a rude tone of voice “ok! Insert your card!!” didn’t even tell me my total! i ignored it at this point I have no energy for this rudeness especially not from Jamba Juice. I then go to the other side where I “pick up” my drink and the girl employee is finishing up pouring my drink and just LITERALLY slides my drink to me with attitude no thank you no nothing at this point you might as well throw the drink at me. HORRIBLE customer service!! I saw a hiring sign too PLEASE stop hiring people like this I know times may be rough and short staffed but atleast hire decent employees not unprofessional careless people.